Company Overview

INGENIA Therapeutics Inc. (“Ingenia”) is a privately held biotechnology company specializing in the discovery and development of therapeutic antibody candidates for patient populations suffering from defective micro-vessel and progressive chronic diseases. Currently, Ingenia focuses on the treatment of damaged capillary-associated indications with high unmet clinical needs and has exclusive global rights to develop therapeutic antibody candidates for restoring damaged capillaries to their healthy state by modulating endothelial cell signaling pathways to recover damaged capillary functions. Ingenia builds on strategic research partnerships with major pharmaceutical companies for research and development activities to deliver human proof of concept studies.


Ingenia is dedicated to providing transformative therapies for people with defective micro-vessel diseases and progressive chronic diseases. 


Ingenia aims to be a global leader in the treatment of patients with diabetic & age-related eye diseases by developing next-generation therapeutics for microvasculature protection & recovery.